Project Snapshot - June & July 2022

Each month, Project Snapshot captures memories from the past weeks - either with a camera, words, or both.  

Time passes in the blink of an eye - see which treasured memory will join the year's collection for this month:

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My Snapshots

What have we been up to lately? Take a look and see:

Like the previous 3 summers, we'd had a huge road trip planned for 2020, but then Covid shut everything down. The summer of 2021 looked promising, but the Canadian border wasn't set to open back up until August, postponing our plans for one more year. Summer of 2022 rolled around and the third time was the charm! 

We drove over 10,000 miles, were in 2 countries, visited 21 states, and Gv added at least 44 junior ranger badges to her collection!

When a Missouri-grown friend heard we'd be passing through her state, she tipped us off to several fantastic couldn't-miss state parks. They were all a hit -- especially this one, Elephant Rocks State Park!

Gateway Arch was on our list and it ended up being one of our favorite parks to visit this trip.

We love all the history we learn on our trips. At this stop, we got to know more about President Truman.

This trip was a bit of a packing nightmare, because we had to be prepared for ALL types of weather. We had lots of hiking through the snow in Rocky Mountain National Park.

We knew we'd be able to see some amazing dino fossils at Dinosaur National Monument, but couldn't believe we were able to actually touch the darned things!

Craters of the Moon truly was out of this world and we had such fun climbing over and under all the volcanic terrain!

One of the main points of this trip was to make it to Yellowstone. The devastating floods hit just a week before we left home, but luckily we managed to find a way to see almost everything there we'd hoped to, including this spot for my rainbow-loving self!

I was happy to see Yellowstone, but I'd go back to Grand Teton in a heartbeat. G found us this lone picnic table for our lunch one day and what on earth can compete with that view?

Glacier National Park was another main destination for this trip. Unfortunately they'd experienced crazy snowstorms the weekend of July 4th, so the Going-to-the-Sun Road didn't open until after we'd almost returned home. We were still able to see parts of it, though, and more importantly, we were able to get into Canada and see not only Waterton Lakes National Park, but one of my good friends, too.

I knew if we were within a day's drive of this place, we'd have to work it in to our return-trip plan. Gv is still just as in love with this park as she was several years ago. (The sunrise glinting on the four faces behind her might make it hard to tell where she is ;) )

And that pretty much wrapped up our summer! It was busy and we've been playing a crazy game of catch-up ever since we returned, but it was totally worth it!

What were your favorite memories from this past summer?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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