Review of The Garden

A Christ-centered children’s cartoon series aimed at teaching your kids the Gospel in a way they can understand!

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The Garden features Lenny the Lion and Lucy the Lamb, two best friends who work inside a magical garden where anything can grow...

Each story revolves around them having to accomplish their goals by learning a Bible story or an original song and its goal is not only to entertain, but teach kids God's Word.

When I learned about this new cartoon series, I decided to enlist some help for my review. I offered Gv the opportunity to review this series for you herself, so welcome guest blogger Gv!

Hi, I'm Gv. I'm nine years old and excited to share this interesting show with you. When I first watched The Garden, I thought, "This is for younger kids, maybe from 2-6." The opening was kind of childish, even though it looked fun.
In the episode, "The Greatest Gift," Lenny the Lion and Lucy the Lamb get instructed to help with the Christmas concert and realize that they are driving on the road that goes right past grumpy old Mr. Toothacher's house.

They try to creep by, but he still surprises them. He hates Christmas (which reminded me of this movie based on a classic book), but you'll have to watch and see what happens when he hears Lucy's reading of the Gospel.

I didn't like this show as much as I thought I would, but I think it would be great for younger kids who need to learn more about Christ. The music and artwork are colorful and fun and it's a high-quality show.

Even though this wasn't my favorite show, I can't wait to watch new episodes of The Garden. Thanks for reading my review! Merry Christmas!

The Garden is created by the same genius behind iconic Nickelodeon animated shows like this one featuring fanciful fairies, this one centered around a ghostly superhero, this crime-fighting caper, or these silly pals!

40 episodes are being made of this fun new series and an app will soon be available as well. It's currently available to watch on Pure Flix or Yippee TV, or you can purchase “The Greatest Gift” episode of The Garden here and get a free lesson to download along with your purchase! 

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