The Vibes You Feel, by Kierra Sheard-Kelly

Learn to examine your intuition as you walk through life!

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I'm sure everyone has stories to share about trusting intuition, and that's just what Grammy-nominated singer and mentor Kierra Sheard-Kelly does in this title:

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about this book -- there's an awful lot of talk about "vibes" and "trusting your gut" intermingled with talk about the Holy Spirit that had alarm bells going off inside my head.

I'll also let you know that I haven't yet read the entire book -- just flipped through it and stopped to read sections along the way (in addition to the introduction).

But everything I came across seemed to stress the author's experiences and the fact that she recognizes how risky it is to write about the Holy Spirit, and nothing I came across seemed to claim she had all the answers.

What's more, Kierra brought up so many different scenarios that could have been the prompting of the Holy Spirit in her own life, I quickly realized that the true worth of this book is that it will (hopefully) make you think about ways the Holy Spirit might work throughout your own days.

We know that God can speak in that still, small voice and that Jesus didn't leave us alone to figure everything out by ourselves, so I feel this book is successful in helping the reader examine intuition while prayerfully figuring out this thing called Life.

I'd say this book is most worthwhile for older teens or adults -- primarily readers who are interested in actively seeking God's guidance in a more thoughtful way. If that's you or someone in your life, grab a copy here and see how Kierra learned to recognize the Holy Spirit in her own intuition nudgings. 

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