All of Creation, by Betsy Painter

A conservation-focused book to help kids understand God's planet along with activities that can care for it! 

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If you've been here for any length of time, you likely know that we have a great love for the National Park Service (I've even shared all sorts of learning opportunities over here), so along the way, we've gotten quite the "Save Our Planet" education. 

Of course, that education never includes any kind of focus on the Creator, so I was looking forward to seeing what this book added to the conservation conversation (say that 5 times fast!):

Author Betsy Painter is a conservation biologist, and she shares fascinating information about environmental conservation -- but with the bonus of doing it from a Christian perspective. 

I love this quote from the introduction, which seems to sum up her purpose in writing this book so well:

"This book is an invitation to connect with nature, wonder at the world, and worship its Maker in a biblical way."

Betsy has also done a fabulous job organizing the topics in a logical way. Chapters cover water, endangered species, soil, pollinators, wetlands, coral reefs, global climate and more.

Not only does each section lay out all the important facts, but Betsy also points out our resposibilities, the biblical perspective, and suggestions of ways we can help make a positive difference. 

There are a ton of fun, hands-on activities (ranging from making a crayon lava flow at home to planting a rain garden) along with reflection questions to prod young minds to consider further topics on their own.

I'm most excited to add this book as a resource to use during our yearly environmental science unit, but even if you're not homeschooling, this book is a wonderful addition for any child interested in science or the many challenges our planet is facing.

Pick up a copy here and help your family understand how to become better stewards of the Earth and how to support efforts that make a positive difference in God's world! 

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