Managing Your Emojis, by Michelle Nietert & Lynn Cowell

Gives kids tools to help manage their emotions when they start to feel overwhelmed!

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Emotions have always been something we all struggle with, but it seems like wading through the pandemic years has brought even more struggling feelings to the surface. That's why I was excited when this landed on my doorstep: 

This 100-day devotional, written by a licensed professional Christian counselor along with a bestselling author, is an excellent tool families can use to discuss emotions together.

Even though God calls us to live lives of joy, there will be times we feel mad, sad, or scared. This book teaches kids that God loves them no matter what they're feeling, and that Scripture can empower them to manage their emotions.

This emotion management is a critical life skill, but we parents often feel ill-equipped to help our children work through them before situations intensify into mental health issues. Luckily, this book provides short, accessible devotions to help kids observe, name, and release their emotions while turning to God for the strength, love, and care they need as they begin the fast-moving process of growing up.

The format of each reading is the same and includes a short story that presents a problem, a Scripture that provides a solution, a practical application, and a closing prayer.

I've shared several "feelings-related" resources with you in the past (a week's worth of Latticed Learning activities, my free top-rated Fun-Feelings Action Cards download, and this series on Nonviolent Communication to name a few), but even if you already discuss emotions and feelings often in your house, I think this book would make a handy addition to every family's daily reading basket. 

Pick up a copy here and spend more time supporting your kids as they navigate their feelings! 

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