Surprised by Oxford Movie Review

Based on the memoir of the same name, this movie will immerse you in the luscious backdrop of Oxford while challenging you to consider life's big questions!

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I was excited when the opportunity to review this film came across my desk, because I happen to be married to someone who has visited Oxford, appreciates C.S. Lewis, and enjoys pondering life's big questions and this movie seemed like it would tick all those boxes for him:

Based on this memoir (which both G & I are now interested in reading), this film follows the story of Carolyn Weber, a skeptical agnostic who comes to a dynamic personal faith in God.

Despite the fact that this movie is centered on spiritual matters, it doesn't feel like a "Christian" movie at all.

That isn't merely because of the PG-13 subject matter spattered through the film (mainly occasional curse words, drinking, and some discussion of sexuality), but also because the quality of this film and its actors is top-notch.

I was most excited when Phyllis Logan appeared on the screen, as I feel one can never get enough of Mrs. Hughes ever since this series came to an end.

Aside from Phyllis Logan's character, I wasn't especially drawn into the film, but feel that's mainly because it's just not my style of movie.

Even though it includes plenty of moments of levity, it's all rather too serious for me and I'm not particularly drawn to romances, which this movie definitely is.

But I didn't get it for me, but for G. I kept appreciating the movie but assumed G was just lapping up all glimmers of really deep topics that were touched on, but at the film's end, he said he found it a bit lacking.

Understand, this is a man who likes his material to be deep -- even to the point of depressing (to me, at least), so I think that probably means this movie is more accessible and enjoyable for the masses.

We both agreed that we would have liked the porter character to have been fleshed out more, because we felt that could have really added a lot to the story.

Despite those things, I feel this is a movie that loads of people will love. If nothing else, choose it for a cozy fall flick and just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Oxford that it immerses you in.

Even though it wasn't quite my type of movie and it fell short on the "heavy" for G, I'm hoping the film does well just because I'm encouraged that such a "normal" Christian movie that doesn't make one cringe exists and I want to support that!

You can now watch Surprised by Oxford from the comfort of your own home and rent or buy it here today!

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