Forty-Seven Days With Jesus Film

Get ready for Easter by taking your family to see this film!

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A disconnected family finds hope and unity through a cinematic retelling of Jesus’ final 47 days on Earth:

This film stars Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone from The Chosen to bring the Easter story to life and remind us of The Gospel’s enduring impact.

The movie switches between the struggles of a current-day family and biblical times, with a very different treatment of each setting.

The "current" storyline follows Joseph and Juliana Burdon as they travel to the home of Joseph's parents for Easter. Joseph's sister and her husband are also there, along with the Burdon's two children and their cousin Brenda. We quickly learn that this might be Poppa's final Easter with the family and that he wants to pass along his special Easter story notebook to ensure the retelling tradition continues.

Different family members take turns reading the story of Jesus' final 47 days on earth with the children, each time transporting the viewer back to biblical times, where the story is acted out mainly via song.

The family members (especially Joseph) learn a lot about Jesus and themselves along the way, complete with the happier ending that we all expect to come.

If you've read some of my other reviews of Christian media, you'll know that I'm not always impressed by the quality of the acting and production. That wasn't the case with this film. I felt that both were excellent and I'm just so happy to see the quality of Christian media continuing to improve.

I was also very pleasantly surprised to see so much diversity in this movie and the fact that the casting seemed so natural and not like the filmmakers were checking items off a demographics list.

The three of us were all really engaged in the "modern" storyline, but G and I weren't as jazzed about the scenes set in the past.

They were visually fine, but the songs felt a bit hokey and reminded me completely of the lavish Easter production I grew up with at my church - which was impressive, but not the right sound or feeling for the big screen. Gv wasn't bothered by them, so I guess it's a matter of taste.

Overall, I wasn't loving this film, but I do feel like it's an excellent choice of something to see with the whole family this season and could even help jumpstart an "Easter movie" tradition. (We do it at Christmas, so why not Easter?!)

You can get a taste for yourself with this short trailer:

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