Answer Me This, 3rd Edition

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Ever since Answer Me This ended last year, I've had many readers request that I just start it up again on my own.  I'd thought about it, but recently came up with my own twist on the concept that I was planning to begin in the summer.  However, now that Kendra is starting her party up again for a limited time, I'll put my plans on hold until summer's end.  Look for updates on my new project as the summer draws to a close - and maybe some of my Answer Me This friends will even come join me when I get it going!

1. How long have you lived in your current home?

8 years, and still soooo many projects on the list...

2. How do you find out about news and current events?

Dare I say it, but Facebook?  We don't have television, so usually I just see a flurry of Facebook posts about some current event and then I just go Google it if I want to find out more.

3. Would you be able to make change for a twenty right now? For a dollar?

I normally don't ever have cash on me, but I actually could, right at the moment.  I even have a smattering of coins, so I could break a dollar for you, too!

4. What's the craziest food you've ever eaten?

I've eaten some foods that would probably be strange to residents of other parts of the country (unless armadillo and alligator are found on menus everywhere & I just don't know it), but the craziest food I've eaten was a meal in Paris.  I'm still not exactly sure what I ingested (I'd thought it was going to be something like andouille sausage), but I can tell you that it tasted exactly like the 4H tent at the state fair smells.  You know, the exhibit with all the farm animals?  And more specifically, all the farm animal excrement?

Oh, it was fresh, whatever it was.  I'm pretty sure that the collection of entrails and innards it included was retrieved from the creature's gut earlier that very day...

G was very impressed with the fact that I ate the whole thing.

 And I was 20 weeks pregnant, to boot!

Crazy meal?  We'll always have Paris...

5. Which of the commonly removed parts have you had removed? (tonsils, wisdom teeth, appendix, etc.)

Wisdom teeth.  Oh, the memory of those days of begging my mom to just throw whatever she and my dad were eating into the blender - all at once - and slurping it all through a bendy straw, no matter how much the mixture resembled something more akin to a baby's explosive diaper...

6. What's your favorite sport to watch on TV? 

I used to really enjoy watching NFL football, but I haven't watched it in so long, I don't know any of the players.  So, not that.

When I met G, I joined him in cheering on the Miami Heat and really became a fan (woo-hoo for Chris Bosh!), but this last year just hasn't been the same (and not just because Lebron's moved on!)  It probably doesn't help that we no longer have TV...

So I don't really have a favorite at the moment.  People assume it's figure skating, but I always say that's like watching my work, so no.

Unless it's an Olympic year, because then I watch it all. (See this post and this post for my thoughts on the last Olympics)

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