Friday Frivolity - 5 Unexpected Things About Motherhood

It's time for this week's edition of Friday Frivolity - the blog party for all things fun, funny, hopeful & happy!

Just wait until you see what we dug up for this week's theme...

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At last week's party, we laughed over some memorable life moments lately.

This week, we're sharing five things that we didn't expect about motherhood.

1. How powerless you feel when they're sick

Sometimes the most you can hope for is for them to fall asleep!

It took until today for Gv to catch my nasty flu. And even though I'm not completely over it myself, I would rather keep being sick and having to deal with it than have to watch her feel awful, too.

2. How happy you can feel just watching them

Her own version of singing in the rain

I certainly don't expect anyone else to be enthralled with Gv's every move like we are, but she continues to provide us with the best entertainment around, just by being Gv.

3. How little we want to be away from her

Everything's more fun when we're together!

Sometimes people pity us, because we're never really without our little sidekick, but the truth is, we like it that way and just wouldn't want to do most things without her.

4. How much she makes us feel ALL the feels

So I've been sick and feeling miserable, which led Gv to create this rainbow-colored creation to cheer me up (because she knows rainbows make me smile!)

More love. More anger. More laughs. She makes us feel everything like on steroids and who knew what a bland existence we lived before she came!

5. How much life truly does change after they arrive

Our family's exponentially better with her!

Oh, we knew life would be different and that there was just no way to truly understand until we got there, but it is all just so much better and we never stop thanking God for bringing her into our lives!

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Olympics-Inspired Geography Fair - This was right up our alley and definitely reminds me of many of the things we've already done around here. I can certainly see Gv taking the reins like this and creating her own displays when she gets older!

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