Stop-and-Go Devotional by Diane Stortz

52 fun and interactive devotionals the whole family can enjoy together!

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I don't know any family who wouldn't use the word "busy" when describing life, so when I saw that this little devotional was targeted at "busy families," I signed right up!

Because the book was labeled as a devotional and not a storybook Bible, I expected the readings to be randomly scattered or grouped by topic (kind of like this book or this one), by a progression through Bible stories.

However, when Gv and I started investigating it, we learned that the book is set up like pretty much all our other storybook Bibles and marches through all the main stories of the Old and New Testaments.

But that doesn't mean we didn't like this book. It just turned out to be different from what we expected.

Adorable inside cover

Once we realized how the book was arranged, we decided to add it in to our regular rotation of Bible story books, reading one story each week from all the different volumes.

Gv and I immediately enjoyed the cute illustrations -- and the use of color in the main "Stop and Read" text really added a little pizazz.

Fun splashes of color within the text mean more fun reading it!

The "Think and Talk" section includes questions and a prayer, very similar to many of our other books, but so far, Gv has enjoyed these questions more than others.

However, it is in the "Green Means Go!" section that this book really stands out as something unique.

Gv loved this section of the book and would immediately race off to collect whatever supplies were needed in order to get right to work on the day's related activity.

Not only does the activity increase the fun factor for kids, but it adds an extra dimension for applying the lesson, as well.

A final thought and related Bible verse round out the chapter, along with plenty of additional illustrations.

Even if your family is like ours and has plenty of Bible storybooks already, this new title is worth adding to your collection.

It's a fun, interactive devotional that the whole household can enjoy together and the perfect choice for busy families! Pick up your own copy here and help your active kids discover 52 Bible stories filled with action, adventure, and the assurance that God loves us!

Do any of your other Bible storybooks/family devotionals include not only discussion questions, but fun and simple activities like this one?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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