Bible Gems to Remember Illustrated Bible by Robin Schmitt

52 lushly illustrated stories accompanied by easy Bible memory verses in 5 words or less!

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Just when I think that we can't possibly cram another story Bible onto Gv's bedside shelf, this arrives and I know it will have to be added to the collection:

You see, one of Gv's favorite portions of our Latticed Learning time each day is when we lay together on her bed and take turns reading the week's story from a few of her Bibles. 

I've been blessed with so many fabulous selections to review and Gv almost always loves them so much, they just have to be added in to our daily reading rotation.

Which is great, but when you've got so many that they can't fit on one shelf and reading through them in daily groups of five takes up half of your school day, it creates a bit of a challenge.

I've tried limiting her choices of which ones to keep to what fits on her shelf, but when the tears brim and the lip quivers and she says that she loves them all, it's just so hard to say no -- I mean, we're not talking about culling Harlequin romances, my kid's asking to keep Bibles!

Sometimes a Bible will arrive that I think might not have to make it to her shelf, but when I saw that this one is focused on gems, I absolutely knew it would be a keeper.

You see, since Gv's been old enough to toddle around and explore nature, she's been into rocks. And when we nurtured that love of rocks on our third free summer camping trip by taking her to the Museum of North Carolina Minerals museum, she declared that it wasn't just rocks or the minerals that made up the rocks that she loved, but the gems

In fact, ever since that point, she has stated that she's going to be a gemologist when she grows up and while that has been joined with "gemologist and mom," "gemologist and skating coach" or "gemologist and National Park Ranger," she's not letting that gem thing go.

A couple of years ago, every gift we gave her was mineral-oriented. She still loves nothing more than hearing her rock polisher grinding away (this is the one she has) and counting down the days until she can see what shiny gems might emerge.

So it stands to reason that just the fact that the word gem is in the title of this book means that my Gv will love it.

The good news is that even if you don't have a rock hound living at your house, this is a fantastic little story Bible.

It's got the typical features like a popular Bible story for each week of the year and engaging and colorful illustrations, but what makes this book unique is that each story also includes several coordinating Bible verse "gems." 

These are all five words or less and convey the main ideas and messages of the stories in a way that's easy for young minds to understand and remember.

These gems are perfect beginning verses for young children to memorize (even preschoolers can memorize, remember?) and would also make great "themes" for older kids (& adults, too!) to focus on for more in-depth study.

I love the idea of using the book in this way with Gv in a year or two. Take the story of the fiery furnace, for example. The section begins with a great reminder for our personal lives (Stand firm in your faith.) and an overview of what this story is all about (Daniel's Friends Stand Tall for God.)

The top gem is the take-away; the bottom gem is the story summary.

I might have Gv write "Daniel 3" and the summary gem verse on an index card (in a bold-toned marker color) and then add it to a timeline on the wall over the course of the year. She could also write the personal reminder gem as a title in a spiral notebook, then add in the three additional gems from the end of the chapter, and then journal about how to apply those thoughts to her own life, using examples of concrete ways she could live the verses out.

The additional gems found at the end of the story are great reminders for personal growth!

Heck, I actually might enjoy doing this type of study myself!

So consider choosing this story Bible if you just like the illustrations, or if you're sharing your roof with a rock hound, or if you like either of the study ideas I shared for you or your kids.

Pick the book up for yourself here and see how easy it is to incorporate memory work into your child's day! 

Oh, and there's an awesome, coordinating devotional to this Bible, too. Check out this review post to learn more about it!

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