Arcade & the Fiery Metal Tester by Rashad Jennings

The third installment in The Coin Slot Chronicles series, full of plenty of suspense that will grab the attention of even reluctant readers!

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I received a free copy of this product as a member of Zondervan's Z Blog Squad in exchange for writing a review.  All opinions are my own.

I think this might have been the first chapter book I've received for review since Gv has been reading them herself:

I have to say, even though she's been reading chapter books for a while now, when it arrived, I didn't really think this one would appeal to her.

Boy, was I wrong!

She got so excited when she saw it and begged to be able to go read it right away, even though my rule is typically that I have to write my blog post before she can take possession of it.

I relented, and she zipped through that thing so fast and has been begging for me to get the first two in the series ever since.

Now, since I have not read this book, I figured it would be best to let Gv tell you what she enjoyed so much about it, instead of me:

Me: So, Gv, what did you think of Rashad Jennings being the author of this book?

Gv: Rashad who?

Me: He was a football player, but you saw him when we watched the dancing show.

Gv: Did he do a Disney dance?

Me: Yes, the one to Beauty & the Beast.

Gv: Oh, that's neat. Yeah, I guess that's kind of cool that he did that, but what I really liked was the story and how they travel to all different places with the medallion. Now I just want to go read the other ones!

I still think this book is probably best suited for preteens and most likely is one that boys would enjoy reading. However, it gets an "all the stars" rating from my 6-yr-old daughter, so I'd say it appeals to a much wider range than that.

Get a copy here and hook your chapter-book readers into a fun new series!

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