The Basic Bible Atlas by John A. Beck

A fascinating, colorful guide to the land of the Bible!

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In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a little bit of a geography nut, so I was jumping up and down with glee when this book arrived:

I actually have several biblical reference books from college, but those others are laid out more encyclopedia-style, with sections for maps, people, culture, etc. This new title is the first to add to my collection that focuses solely on the land of the Bible.

Although having information on all those other topics is great, I love the fact that this book concentrates purely on geography and is plastered with colorful maps on the majority of its pages.

It helps so much to be reading about a time and place in history and then be able to consult a map to actually see where the locations are situated, instead of just shoving all that information into an "over there somewhere" pocket in your brain.

I thought the author did a wonderful job organizing the material, too. After opening with an introduction to the atlas and the biblical world, he groups everything in a manner that makes so much sense for a beginning Bible student:

  • Creation, Fall, and Rescue Plan Stories
  • Exodus, Wilderness, and Transjordan Stories
  • Conquest, Division, and Crisis Stories
  • United Kingdom Stories
  • Divided Kingdom Stories
  • Exile and Return Stories
  • Jesus Stories
  • Church Stories

Honestly, even though the audience for this book isn't geared towards children at all, the groupings go so well with the flow of Bible readings that Gv and I do throughout the year, I'm pretty certain we'll start integrating this book into our Bible time beginning in the fall!

Packed full of great information without being overwhelming, this book is the perfect addition to your home Bible reference library! Find a copy of this helpful, easy-read reference book here.

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