Daring to Live by Sheri Hunter

A fun memoir that will motivate you to live your own life full of strength and adventure and jump-start your joy!

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I'm a big fan of memoirs -- especially those centered around travel and faith, so I was really looking forward to reading this title:

Author Sheri Hunter's husband unexpectedly passed away at age 50 and this sudden loss (understandably) caused a great upheaval in her daily life.

Years before, she and some friends from church had formed a "Dare Divas" group, getting together to experience exciting activities like whitewater rafting that pushed them out of their comfort zone.

After her husband's death, Sheri and these friends sought out even greater adventures (like zip-lining, skydiving, mountain climbing and more), which resulted in even greater lessons learned and helped Sheri find the strength to move forward in life.

In so many ways, this book reminded me of this popular title, but there were so many aspects of Daring to Live that I appreciated over that other book -- mainly that Hunter writes from a Christian perspective and is truly interested in how she can grow closer to the Lord throughout her difficult time.

Although I have not experienced the same exact devastation that Sheri did in losing her husband suddenly, the lessons she shares are easily transmutable with any life-altering situations we experience.

I especially related to her realization that she'd reached the point where God's love was sufficient for her -- when she knew that if she was alone for the rest of her life, she would be okay, and, spoiler alert, that's when she met her current husband.

The story of how she met her current husband is a neat one, and I love how she extols the fact that lightning struck twice for her and that she has been blessed by marriages to two wonderful men.

Although my linear-happy brain struggled at times with the way she jumped around her timeline in retelling her adventures, it wasn't too much of a struggle to keep me from enjoying the book and those of you who don't have sequential hang-ups like me won't bat an eye at this free-flowing style.

If you like memoirs or are looking for an easy, vacation-style read that still makes you think about things, then this book is a wonderful choice. It's fun to merely read through all the Dare Diva adventures, but provides plenty of opportunities for contemplative thought (if you're looking for them) along the way.

Pick up a copy to stick in your beach tote as the weather turns warmer and be challenged to think of ways you can live your own life in a bold, daring way!

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