Answer Me This {Week 2}

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I'm joining in on the fun with Kendra at Catholic All Year for this weekly'll soon see that #5 turns into a list of my favorite churches around the world...

1. Do you have a smart phone?

No.  I did, but got rid of it to save money each month.

2. Which is your favorite meal of the day?

Linner, which is like brunch, but a combination of lunch and dinner, instead of breakfast and lunch.  It's the best of yummy dinner food, but at an earlier, closer-to-lunch time.  Gosh, it sounds like I'm eighty and heading out for my early bird special at the local cafeteria...

3. Shower or bath?

Shower.  Baths annoy me because they take too long and I could be doing something else more productive.  I needed to take a few baths in Epsom Salts while I was pregnant to help with swelling (from not drinking enough water and being on my feet all day, which I couldn't seem to avoid as a second-grade teacher) and I couldn't stand it.  I'd be shouting out to G every few minutes, "Has it been long enough?  Can I come out yet?"

Then, when my time was finally up, I'd take a shower.

4. Think of a person you love. How many days have you been in love with that person? (Don't worry, this site will do the math for you.)

1331 - a palindrome!  How cool is that?

5. What's the best church you've ever been inside?

Gosh, I love so many, it would be hard to pick just one.  Churches are some of my favorite places to explore on trips.  Maybe I'll do a top 20...

Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  Aachen Cathedral, in all of its Byzantine-mosaic splendor:
Aachen, Germany
 2.  Airy Frauenkirche:
Munich, Germany
3.  Kölner Dom, with its cool Gerhard Richter window:
Cologne, Germany
 4.  La Sagrada Família, with its dramatic and angular passion façade:
Barcelona, Spain

 5.  The smaller and prettier Liebfrauenkirche, next to the Dom in Trier:
Trier, Germany
6.  Nieuwe Kirk, with its wooden roof:
Amsterdam, Netherlands
7. The kaleidoscope-ceilinged Notre-Dame Cathedral:
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
8. The double-rose-windowed Notre-Dame de Reims:
Reims, France
9.  Gargoyle-laden Notre-Dame:
Paris, France
10.  The glowing Sacré-Cœur, where you can hear nuns sing just like in The Sound of Music :
Paris, France
11.  Baroque-domed Salzburg Cathedral:
Salzburg, Austria
 12.  Colorful St. Gereon's Basilica:
Cologne, Germany
13.  Wren's St Paul's Cathedral:
London, England

14.  Saint-Sulpice, with its great organ:
Paris, France
 15.  G's church, L’église Saint-Eustache:
Paris, France
 16.  Botanically-frescoed St. Paul's Cathedral:
Liège, Belgium
17.  The jaw-dropping St. Peter's Basilica:
Vatican City

 18.  Gothic-on-steroids St. Vitus Cathedral:
Prague, Czech Republic
19.  Moorish-styled Seville Cathedral:
Seville, Spain
 20.  The stately Westminster Abbey:
London, England
...and finally (I really can count, but just couldn't keep it at 20)...

21.  The idyllic Church of the Assumption:
Lake Bled, Slovenia

6. Happy Feast of the Visitation! Has anyone ever come to help YOU?

My parents.  I have always been able to count on them whenever I need help or miss their company.  Thank you, Mommy & Daddy, for being the best in the world - I love you! 

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