Latticed Learning: Week 10

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Welcome back to another installment of Latticed Learning!  Today I'll be sharing the tenth week of our journey with you.  You'll get a chance to see what we did, the resources we used (click here to see what we're using week after week), and hopefully come away with lots of fun ideas for things to do with your own little one!

Bible Lesson

The Ten Commandments (pages 120-123 in this Bible and 89-95 in this one)

Memory Verse

Matthew 5:14 & 16 - This is the tenth song on this album, which I've raved about before.  I also created this card:

We post it on the fridge (and then add it to a mini photo album from the local dollar store when we take it down).  I'm always amazed how quickly Gv can say her verse - minus the reference - each week!
You can download your own copy of this card for free here!  Want the whole set right now?  Get them here.


Joan (I know nothing about the lives of the saints, but when I saw these cuter-than-cute cards, I decided they gave me the perfect excuse to learn!  They're honestly more for me than Gv at this point, although she can put the name to the card after having it up on the fridge and talking about it all week.)


(Print out your free "J" phonics card here!)

Topic to Explore



Square (I'm kind of going in order of vertices/sides and each one will last for several weeks.)


9 (Like I said in this post about the alphabet, we'll talk about all (well, maybe not all) the numbers every week, but I'm choosing one to focus on each week and you'll see some repetition as time goes on with a few of them.)

Best Books We Read This Week

Wiggle - this little pocket-sized book is great to stick in your purse while you're on the go.  It's just a silly, sing-song-verse book about movement that incorporates both real photos and drawings, making it rather unique.

Jump, Frog, Jump! is one of those books you can read over and over in one sitting.  Gv loves to say the repetitive phrase ("Jump, Frog, Jump!") as well as hunt for all the hidden animals that will try to get the frog next.

Hooray for Snail! is a silly baseball book about a snail hitting a home run - that goes all the way out to space and back - and still having a difficult time making it back to home base in time.  He and the ball reach home at the same instant - will he be out or safe?

To Root, to Toot, to Parachute & Slide and Slurp, Scratch and Burp are some of my favorite books about the not-always-fun topic of grammar.  These two titles focus on verbs, which make them perfect for this week of moving 

Other Great Books We Read

The Adventures of Albert, the Running Bear

Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day

Dancing with the Indians

Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice

Froggy Learns to Swim, Froggy Plays Soccer, and Let's Go, Froggy!

Songs We Played By

I went through all the children's songs on my iPod and created a playlist just for this week.  Here are some of the best selections from our list:

You Are the Light of the World from this album helped Gv learn our memory verse

Naughty Number Nine from this 

Verb: That's What's Happening  from this

A Victim of Gravity from this

This entire CD, along with pretty my any others by these two musical guys

And so many more, but I'll let you search through your own music collection to see what types of songs you can add to a playlist.

Videos We Explored

This video continued to line up with our Bible lesson.

We did "J" things on this site.

We watched this clip and a few of the others for the letter "J."

This video fit perfectly for the number 9.

This video was really neat for the 10 commandments

We watched this video with Elmo on force and motion (choose the car on the ramp)

There are several cute PBS videos here on simple machines

How We Played

We did a few things to learn about the Ten Commandments:

First, we learned specific hand motions to help us remember the 10 Commandments.  You can read all about it here, but here's a little preview:

Then, to help jog our memory while learning these ten rules, I created this little mini poster with simplified commandments.  I printed it out and hung it up on the refrigerator, then we added it to our dollar-store photo album after we took it down:

You can download your own copy for free here!

I also printed out these cute cards, which Gv used to match up to the numbers while we were doing the hand motions each day.

We also did several things (besides reading books) to correspond to our force/motion/sports topic:

I didn't purchase this poster, but I did pull it up on the computer screen so Gv and I could do all the yoga poses one day.

I created this A-Z Actions poster and we'd wear ourselves out each day doing the "workout."

You can download your own copy for free here.

This site and this one were two of my favorites to use with the kids in my classroom when we talked about force and motion and Gv and I had fun exploring them, as well.

We did lots and lots of dancing:

Played ball:

Talked about a simple machine that makes up part of this toy (the inclined plane on the C-Clamp):

And demonstrated pushing and pulling with our wagon:

We talked a bit about gravity (very simply), then gathered a bunch of different objects to drop from up on a chair to observe how they fell.

I let Gv gather whatever she wanted, but directed her to get something "big," "small," "heavy" and "light."  It was interesting to see what she chose, knowing that appearances can often be deceiving.

She couldn't always let go of things at exactly the same time, but she had fun and it got the basic idea across.

We turned a scrap piece of wood into a ramp and sent several different toy vehicles rushing down its incline to see which would win the race.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round, all down the ramp"

A wooden truck

Racing the wooden truck against a Matchbox car - we each had one to release and counted "1, 2, 3, Let Go!"

We made a simple lever with a large craft stick and a cylinder from a set of wooden blocks, then catapulted a pom pom with the fulcrum located in different positions.

We also tried to catapult a toy coin and then balance two finger puppets like a see-saw

Looking for all the great posts associated with this concept in one place?  Check out my Latticed Learning page here!

What's your favorite thing that we did this week?  I'd love to hear!  Either leave a comment below or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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