5 After 5, Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer

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It's time for another round of 5 After 5!  In case you missed it, last week's list was 5 of your favorite Summer Olympic memories and if you're new to this series, you can read more about it here and catch up on all the old editions here.

Today I've got my list of 5 to share, as well as next week's topic for you to stew about over the upcoming days.

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Share 5 ways to enjoy these final days of summer

School started earlier this month down here, so we've felt like our summer ended ages ago.  

However, fall doesn't officially begin for another month and since for many of you, the new school year hasn't yet gotten under way yet, here are 5 ways to enjoy the final days of summer:

1.  Camp 

Your idea of "camping" might merely be bedding down on sleeping bags in the living room (complete with movies and popcorn, of course), but if you're brave enough to venture outside, now is a great time for one final hurrah amidst all the flora and fauna.

Find cheap camping tricks here before you head out on your next trip!

2.  Take a staycation

Maybe you went on an epic road trip this year, or maybe you're staring down these final calendar days regretting that you never got away someplace, but regardless, turning into a tourist in your own town is a great way to enjoy these final days of freedom!

3.  Play in a park

Even if you're like me and live in a spot that's ghastly hot, where the last thing you want to do is head outdoors this time of year, playing in a local park can be loads of fun for the whole family.

Clamber over the playground equipment with your kids, take a walk in the woods, or just have a picnic in the shade of a shelter, but get outside before life speeds up again!

4.  Have a movie marathon

Binge-watch your favorite shows and just loll around and be lazy for a bit. Need a little inspiration?  Look here for my favorites. 

5.  Read a book 

Did your summer plans include plowing through a stack of books that are still sitting on the shelf?  

Even if you never cracked a spine, take this opportunity to pick one from the pile - at least you'll be able to cross something off your summer bucket list!

Heading to the library and need an idea?  Try one of these books to keep you company.

For next week:

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