Latticed Learning - Baby Jesus

Learn while playing with Latticed Learning!  This week's Bible story has plenty of activities to go along with it - keep reading to find out more!

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Welcome back to Latticed Learning!  This year, we're continuing to learn while we play - repeating many of our favorites from last year (these, toowhile adding in all sorts of new activities as well.

This day's post is devoted to our weekly Bible stories - some weeks have more activities than others, but each lesson will help your little one grow closer to God!

Read the Bible


Pages 266-302 in this Bible and 191-207 in this one

Read a Little More

I found several books for this week's Bible stories:

The Christmas Baby

Christmas in the Manger

Baby Jesus is Born

Nativity Sticker Activity Book

Where is Baby Jesus

Sing Some Songs

You can obviously sing a whole list of Christmas songs this week, but here were some more unique songs I found that fit this week's theme:

Baby Jesus Song

Collection of several appropriate songs

Watch Some Videos

We first watched this to focus on the nativity story.

And this movie was fun, too.

Play and Create

We did a few things to learn more about the birth of Jesus:

We talked about our Celebrating the Season printable (since Christmas has not yet completely faded from our minds) and did a little mini-review of many of the days - see this post for more information.

We continued to play with the adorable nativity set that Gv got for Christmas (don't you wish your Grammy made you a super-cool play mat/carrying bag combo for it all to go in, too?)

Gv made another of this adorable craft (even though we just did it two months ago).

We tried out this cute idea to shine on the wall when we read our Bible story each day.

Since Gv still loves her "Joseph" craft stick puppets, I printed these out for her so she could have more.

Besides cutting out the characters and gluing them onto craft sticks to create puppets, we stuck the barn onto a paper bag and I cut out the interior to create a stage, kind of like we did for this week.

While she was playing with it all, Gv kept trying to stick the angel up on the top of the barn by the star.  I cut a double slit on the back side of the bag so that the angel would have a better spot.

Then, Gv insisted on my cutting "pockets" for the Holy Family inside the barn as well. 

We ended up printing and coloring a selection of pages from this little reader to post as our sequencing cards for the week. 

We also did a couple things to learn more about Jesus as a boy:

I hid the baby Jesus from this and had Gv go find him like Joseph and Mary had to do when Jesus stayed behind at the Temple in Jerusalem.

There he is!

We then spent some time talking about what to do if she ever felt lost - like reviewed her full name and our names, and started to talk about our phone number and address.

We used preparations for a weekend birthday party to talk about how the Wise Men brought Jesus gifts to celebrate his being born, too.

Since Christmas wasn't that long ago and we did so much, I kept things kind of light for this week - although you could easily do so much more (just look for Christmas activities!)

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