Kingdom of You

 A lavishly personalized story, bursting with your child's favorite things. 

What will your little king or queen choose to fill their kingdom with? 

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Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? 

I think they came onto the scene right when I was starting school and it was just so much fun to have a say in what happened in the story!

That's what I was reminded of when Gv and I sat down at the computer to customize her new book:

You probably remember how I gushed over The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name and The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home several months ago, and this latest bit of genius from the folks at Lost My Name have done it again!

This time, however, Gv had a hand in creating her own book.

With the previous titles, the choices were limited to the personalization of facts: I entered Gv's name, gender, address and selected a character that looked most like her.

Those little specific touches were absolutely fabulous, but this newest book takes things even further.

Like before, we entered Gv's name and gender and then selected which character we wanted to represent her in the book.

But then things got really interesting. Gv was able to choose between additional characters to theme the book around -- dinos, superheroes, animals or princesses -- along with a tasty treat that would get her royal approval (pasta, pizza, ice cream or chicken).

She had so much fun getting to make these decisions all on her own and I can't even begin to describe how tickled she was when her book arrived and she saw that it was "just how I made it!"

As before, this snazzy book is printed on super-heavyweight paper and full of such rich colors, they must go through more ink than anyone on the planet.

But I noticed several special additions, right from the start. Unlike the other two titles, this book's cover is unique to Gv, as it includes her character right there on the front.

See Blondie there at the lower-right corner? That character is completely up to you to choose!

Next, you flip open the cover and find the dedication. There's a blurb already waiting there when you order the book, but you have the freedom to type in whatever it is you want to say.

Now, you flip to the first page of the story and right away, there's your child's name!

I don't think the squeals will ever subside with these books, there's just something so fun about seeing your name in print -- and this book does that at least 26 times in its 35 pages!

Our little Gv finds herself being told to clean up her room, a disheartening prospect until poof! A laundry genie appears.

Notice Gv's decor in this picture? It already hints at the two themes that she was able to choose. How neat that the personalization isn't limited to just a page or two, and it boggles my mind to think of how many combinations of this page they must have, to include three different, specific items all in one illustration!

The genie grants her three wishes and though the smart thing would have been for her to wish for her room to be cleaned for her, she submits requests that are a bit more frivolous in nature.

The details on this page were so much fun to examine. Gv really enjoyed figuring out which stories these princesses were from.

First, she's made queen, then her kingdom is turned into a playground for princesses and finally, she asks for a big, monster cone of ice cream.

The only problem is, she winds up with a big, monster cone of ice cream!

Be careful what you wish for...

Chaos ensues as Gv's subjects begin to riot.

The princesses step up to help save the day and Gv is left with...

a mess.

Hmmm, it seems you're back where you started, young Gv!

Gv finally starts in on the project she should have begun in the first place. She cleans her room.

Now, everything's back to normal, although some new friends show up with a little snack...

Princess pals and ice cream -- this is more what she had in mind!

The real Gv (as opposed to book-character Gv) has literally asked to read this book every day since it arrived.

And she's not simply content for one of us to read it to her. Oh, no, she knows G and I have a one-read-through-per-book-per-day rule, so she just pesters both of us to give it a whirl.

Every. Day.

This book would obviously make the perfect gift for a child in your life, but I have to say that I think Gv had double the fun by having the opportunity to create her own story.

Go create your own book here and make a little king or queen you know very happy (and maybe even give them a little nudge to clean their room, in the process!)

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