The Best Birthday Cake in the History of Ever! by Jennifer A. Hill & Mary M. Walker

A unique Christmas book that will introduce your children to activities designed to help them remember the true reason for the season!

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This new book is full of fun ways to celebrate Jesus' birthday with your family:

We have plenty of special holiday traditions around here (mainly our Shepherd on the Search's Amazing Journey Around the World and Celebrate the Season daily activities), but we're always up for adding something new into the mix and celebrating Jesus' birthday with a yummy cake and fun activities sounded like the perfect way to do just that.

This book centers around the rhyming story of a boy named Hayes as he thinks back a few years and recalls his idea to throw Jesus a big birthday party for Christmas.

I know several families who make a birthday cake each year for Jesus, but this book also links each step and ingredient of the cake recipe (red velvet--yum!) with Bible verses to explain why Jesus' birth is so special and important.

Besides the creation of the birthday cake, the book also includes several fun ideas for decorating and other activities to use for the festivities -- the book even has its own website where you can print out your own crown to decorate and learn even more!

It's a fun idea that I could see appealing to loads of families -- especially those looking for something simple to do that celebrates Jesus' birth but doesn't add a lot of stress during this busy season.

Gv loves how fun this book feels and I think that's mainly due to its high-energy graphics. Besides the rhyming text, the authors had me on board from the cheeky comments on the very first page; I love feeling like I'm getting to peek behind the curtain and see the Wizard at work.

Although I actually don't think we'll be including this book's traditions in our annual to-do list, we've definitely added the book to our Christmas Book Collection and I can pretty much guarantee that we'll be trying it out at some point in the future, especially since it's not super time-intensive to complete.

If you're looking for a fun and simple way to add a little more magic and remembrance to your holiday traditions, then I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book right away!

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