The Flirtation Experiment by Lisa Jacobson & Phylicia Masonheimer

Strengthen your marriage with a fun, unexpected approach that leads to the depth, richness, & closeness you desire!

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this book is the perfect gift to yourself to put magic, mystery & spark into your everyday marriage:

I'm big on homemade gifts for G that involve fun experiences together throughout the year, so when I read this book, my mind immediately headed in that same direction.

We've cycled through my 52 Weeks of Frugal Date Ideas, A Year of Fun Gift Box, the wildly popular Passport to Fun, and our Love Jars over the past several years, plus thrown in a bit of time recently to recover from all that fun.

I was actually just beginning to think that it was time to cycle through them all again and had been stumped as to which one to dive into first (because I couldn't come up with a favorite and wanted to repeat them all right away!), but as I read this marriage-themed book from Lisa Jacobson and Phylicia Masonheimer, I decided to create my own flirtation experiment first instead.

In this handy little book comprised of short, lively chapters, authors Lisa and Phylicia challenge you to give intentional, consistent flirting with your husband a try.

Although they are in different seasons of life, both have discovered in their own marriages that sometimes a little playfulness can bring about huge transformation and connection.

You can follow the lead of the authors and simply do what they did in each chapter, following their examples and tangible ideas to put some extra magic into your own marriage, or veer off-course a bit like I'm planning to do and use each theme as inspiration to come up with your own special memories.

The 30 chapters cover themes like comfort, generosity, mystery, and adventure and would obviously be perfect for an all-out blitz over the course of a month, if you focused on a different one every day.

That would be great fun and would surely jump-start a habit of daily flirting with your husband -- you could easily turn around the next month and repeat the process to keep the fun going throughout the whole year.

Or, you could do like me and decide to space these themes out over the course of a year. 

I know, I know, there are 52 weeks in a year, so how will that work out with the 22 weeks that will be left over? Well, for us, that looks like taking time off in summer for our massive family road trip, for all of our Christmas Shepherd on the Search and Celebrating the Season activities in winter, and then rounding things out with time off at Thanksgiving and spring break.

That leaves 30 weekends for me to come up with ways to flirt with G based on the ideas shared in this book!

Besides the flexibility of time (ranging from 30 days to a whole year) to follow the book's ideas, the widely-ranging experience level of the authors also means that this book can be perfectly adapted to all marriages. 

Lisa and Phylicia are such neat bookends to the range of marriage & motherhood and thus provide plenty of ideas for wives to follow -- whether you're knee-deep in diapers & still reveling in a honeymoon glow or settled into household habits with your hubby & reflecting more hues of a union tinged in silver or gold.

This book is out just in time for Valentine's Day -- gift it to yourself for a present that just keeps going and going --  order your copy of The Flirtation Experiment now!
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