God's Creation: Help Tell the Story, illustrated by Joanne Liu

A colorful, fun book about creation that engages kids and helps them better understand God!

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I received a free copy of this product as a member of Zondervan's Kidz Review Krew in exchange for writing a review.  All opinions are my own.

I initially thought this book looked cute, but that I'd be passing it along after I reviewed it. After I cracked it open, I changed my mind:
Besides being an adorably-illustrated version of the creation story, what this book has going for it is that it's so interactive. If you've seen books like Press Here and Don't Push the Button, then you know how much kids enjoy "helping" a book along, even if it is just along the same lines as "driving" the racecar shopping carts at the grocery store.

What a fun way to help little ones better learn about the story of creation--and I really think all of the interactive bits are very effective!

I was surprised, however, when I saw so many harsh reviews of it online, so I handed the book over to G and asked him to read it and share his initial reactions.

He took this request very seriously, meticulously following all the directions and even checking with me to make sure he was tilting the book the correct way for one of the pages. (I totally should have videoed him while he did this; he was so cute!)

His response? "It was fun; it was cute; I think kids would really enjoy it--and I'm not even going to say anything about the theology of it, because it's just a book for kids."

So he recognized what everyone is complaining about in the reviews (even without my mentioning it), but agreed with me that it's a positive book that kids will love.

When I handed it over to Gv, she thought that it was fun--"especially for a younger child" and most especially how you get to "help" create.

"Helping to create?" I asked, "Helping the author tell the story, or helping God?"

"Helping God, of course," she replied, "because that's who created everything." (This might or might not have been accompanied by a pre-teen eye roll, conveying the "Gosh, mom, everyone knows that" feeling.)

That's when G passed through the room and asked, "So do you think you're actually helping God create the world--" but he couldn't finish, because she jumped right in and said, "No, helping God tell the story, because it's His story to tell."

So I would say to all those harsh critics, this is a children's book. It's loads of fun for kids and if you're relying on a book like this to drive your theology instruction, then maybe you need to reevaluate things.

This book will add to your child's foundational understanding of God and creation and if you're concerned enough to care about the possible theological issues, then you're obviously going to be teaching your child much more thoroughly about all the details as they get older.

So get God's Creation here, and enjoy the fun of watching your child interact with the book while enhancing her understanding of God.

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