What I Learned This Summer

With the end of all the Answer Me This fun hosted by Catholic All Year occurring on the final day of the month, I decided I no longer had an excuse not to finally participate in What We've Learned with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky.

G is trying to convince me to keep the Answer Me This spirit alive by taking the party over myself (he promised to help me come up with some great questions), but I'm just not sure...let me know if it's something you'd still like to see, or if you're glad to see the occasionally-narcissistic craziness go.

Here's what I learned this summer:

1.  I can far too easily get sucked into wasting away the hours looking up things on the Internet like my favorite TV shows of the past & present, favorite songs, and favorite picture books.

2.  It's entirely possible to save money by taking a month-long vacation...as well as go without indoor plumbing and other such conveniences of home.

3.   We'd been paying far too much for our cell phone service - and have already saved over $400 since switching carriers!

4.  A little creativity is all that's needed to entertain your toddler.

5.  You can throw a simple themed birthday party without breaking the bank.

6.  Sometimes it's good to think outside the box or re-purpose unusual items to help organize your house.

7.  There is a better way to communicate with the people who are a part of your life.

What did you learn this summer?  I'd love to hear!  Leave a comment, or email me at lisahealy (at) outlook (dot) com.

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